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 Effective Date

 Test Name

  January 24   Infliximab Activity Reflex Neutralizing AB
  January 24   Multiple Tests
  February 1   IGF-1, (SOMATOMEDIN C)
  February 1   MUSK Antibody
  February 6   Fluoxetine and Metabolite
  February 6   Ibuprofen
  February 6   ZAP-70 Analysis, Flow Cytometry
  February 13   ADAMTS-13 Inhibitor
  February 13   Free Protein S
  February 14   Multiple Tests
  February 14   Methotrexate
  February 21   Multiple Tests
  February 21   Poliovirus Antibodies
  February 21   Rabies AB IGG, Vaccine Response
  February 27   Platelet Aggregation Studies
  February 28   Adalimumab Act W Rflx to AB
  March 28   Beta-2 Microglobulin
  March 28   Multiple Tests
  March 28   Multiple Tests
  March 28   Mitochondrial Nuclear Gene Panel
  March 28   Multiple Tests
  March 28   Culture Gastrointestinal, BACTI (includes Shiga-toxin)
  March 28   C Difficile Toxin A & B EIA
  April 25   Antinuclear Antibody Screen
  April 25   Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide AB, IGG
  April 25   Syphilis IGG Antibody with Reflex
  April 25   Lactate, CSF
  April 25   Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
  April 25   Syphilis Treatment Monitoring
  May 15   PTH Hormone-Related Peptide
  May 15   Total Protein/Creatinine Ratio Calculation, Spot Urine
  May 23   Celiac Panel, Reflexed
  May 23   Glomerular Basement Membrane AB, IGG
  May 23   Myeloperoxidase AB, IGG
  May 23   Proteinase 3 AB, IGG
  May 23   Sweat Chloride Panel
  June 27   Factor V Leiden DNA, Prothrombin DNA, MTHFR DNA
  June 27   Helicobacter Pylori AB, IgG
  June 27   Guaiac Test (Occult Blood Feces)
  June 27   Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1A/1B NSA Drug Resistance
  June 27   Ibuprofen Quant, PLAS OR SERUM
  June 27   Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1
  June 27   Plasminogen Activity Inhibitor-1 Antigen, Plasma
  June 27   Phospholipase A2 Receptor (PLA2R) AB, IgG w/Reflex to Titer
  June 27   RAST Allergen Test (Multiple)
  July 25   CMV Ab, IgG
  July 25   CMV Ab, IgM
  July 25   Epstein Barr Antibody Profile
  July 25   HSV 1,2 Glycoprotein ABS, IGG
  July 25   Mumps Ab, IgG
  July 25   Rheumatoid Factor (RF)
  July 25   Rubella Ab, IgG
  July 25   Measles (Rubeola) Ab, IgG
  July 25   Thyroxine T4
  July 25   Toxoplasma Ab, IgG
  July 25   Varicella-Zoster Ab, IgG
  July 25   Ethanol, Urine Qualitative
  July 25   HIV-1 Genotyping
  August 1   STAT Procalcitonin Testing
  August 6   D-Dimer VTE Cutoff
  August 6   Eosinophils Smear, Nasal
  August 21   Autoimmune Lymphproliferative Profile
  September 11   Two-Step Gestational Diabetes Screening
  September 19   Norovirus Groups 1/2 by RT-PCR
  September 19   Q-Fever AB IGG, Phase I/II
  September 21   Mitogen & Antigen-Induced Lymphocyte Proliferation Panel
  October 2   Critical Values
  October 2   Critical Call Notification for Positive Blood Cultures
  October 2   Troponin I
  October 3   Anti-XA Heparin Assay
  October 24   Opiates Quant/Confirm, Urine
  October 24   Peanut Components IgE, SST
  October 24   Polio (Types 1,3) Antibodies
  October 24   Turner’s Syndrome, Karyotyping
  November 12   Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1)
  November 15   Urea Nitrogen, Urine
  November 21   Left Adrenal Cortisol, BLD
  November 21   RT Adrenal Cortisol, BLD