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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Electron Microscopy: Submit Samples

Samples should be fixed according to prescribed protocols. We use a modified Karnovsky’s (protocol available upon request). Tousimis sells a ready-to-use product called Tousimis Fix that might be easier than making your own fix. Samples should be shipped in fix, well-capped and in a secondary container inside a box to insure safe transport. Samples need to be kept cold for the duration of their transport. Care must be taken that they are not allowed to freeze. If dry ice or frozen-pack is used, insulate the sample to prevent freezing.

They may be submitted to the E.M. Pathology Lab:

In person. Click here for directions to the EM Lab


By private courier to 1429J Tupper Hall which is on the Davis campus. Tissue would be directly accepted by one of the technicians in the lab.


By a public carrier (e.g. FedEx) to the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Tupper Hall, Room 3455, (530) 752-2710, UC Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis California, 95616 . The package should go to the attention of the E.M. Pathology Lab.

Please be sure to send all pertinent information with the sample. What media the sample is currently in is necessary for proper processing. There is a submission form available (SEM or TEM). We do not expect you to know all the details. Use the submission form to the best of your knowledge.

We always appreciate a call to alert us regarding incoming samples. There is an answering machine on (530) 752-3165 or (530) 752-4701 or you can e-mail Grete Adamson (gnadamson@ucdavis.edu).



The instrument-generated scale bars are adequate for most uses.  However, they may not be sufficiently accurate for specific applications.  It is the responsibility of the individual user to calibrate magnifications where and when required.  If in doubt, consult with an EM Lab staff member.