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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Electron Microscopy: Lab staff

Grete Adamson

Staff Research Associate IV (SRAIV), Supervisor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Phone: (530) 752-3165
E-mail: gnadamson@ucdavis.edu

Brief biography

I have been the lab supervisor since 3/1/01. There have been a wide variety of tissues and topics included over my 40 years in the field of electron microscopy. A BSc. in microbiology lead me to the electron microscope. My first study was on concentrated and cell cultured flu virus. Animal and human tissues including cultured cells have been my primary focus since that time. Research investigations with anatomists, physiologists and biochemists within the schools of human or veterinary medicine or the campus research community have all played their roles in my experience. Studies have been diverse. My first publications were in avian skin. Smooth muscle, neuro-muscular junctions, brainstem, gametes, vaginal epithelium, placental villi, HIV, vasculature studies, and diagnostic cases have all seen my contributions. Specialize techniques utilized have been cytochemistry, immno-electron microscopy, freeze fracture, and freeze substitution. To date I have co-authored 24 publications and have been acknowledged on about 50 publications. I have given more than of 20 invited talks and seminars.