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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Point-of-Care Technologies Center: Global Point-of-Care Performance Cooperative

The purpose of the Global Point-of-Care Performance Cooperative (GPOCPC) is to provide an objective service to help characterize the performance of the glucose meter system(s) used at your hospital. We will generate locally-smoothed median absolute difference (LS MAD) curves to provide a visual portrayal of your glucose meter system(s) performance when compared to your hospital’s reference method. If you are interested in having our Center evaluate your dataset, please download and complete the performance cooperative application and return to poctcenter@ucdavis.edu with your glucose meter dataset. Upon receipt of your dataset and approval of your application, we will perform the following analyses: linear regression plots, ISO 15197-integrated Bland-Altman plots, and LS MAD curves.

Global Point-of-Care Performance Cooperative Application