Michael McChesney, M.D.

Professor Emeritus

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UC Davis
The California National Primate Research Center
County Road 98 and Hutchison Dr.
Davis, CA 95616


Phone: (530) 752-7336
E-mail: mbmcchesney@ucdavis.edu

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Research interests

My major work is in viral immunology dealing with acute infection by measles virus in a nonhuman primate model and persistent infection with the monkey AIDS virus, SIV. The focus is on cellular immune responses and immunopathology. The major goal is to develop novel vaccines for these infections. Recently we have developed a monkey model of influenza A viral infection and methods to study the innate immune response. Here, the goal is to develop novel vaccines and immunotherapeutics to prevent disease.

Brief biography

I have been working here at UC Davis, at the Primate Center, for fifteen years and plan to continue in this position, pursuing the research program described above and teaching graduate students.