Hanne M. Jensen, M.D.


Director of Transfusion Services

Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UC Davis Health System
PATH Building
4400 V Street
Sacramento, CA 95817

Ph: (916) 734-3871

Clinical Interests

  • Transfusion medicine


Research Interests

  • Breast cancer
  • Angiogenesis


Brief Biography

Over the past 20 years Hanne Jensen has devoted much time teaching medical students and pathology residents. Serving as co-instructor of record in the department of pathology, she has taken part in modifications of the curriculum, with a focus on improving educational technologies.

Since 1969 she has done research on breast cancer:

  • Jensen, H.M. J. Rice and S.R. Wellings. "Precancerous lesions in the human breast". Science, 191:295-297.1976.
  • Jensen, H.M., I. Chen, M.R. DeVault and A. E. Lewis. "Angiogenesis induced by “normal” human breast tissue: A probable marker for precancer". Science, 218: 293-295.1982.
  • Buerhing GC, Shen H, McGirr K, Jensen, HM. "Bovine leukemia virus in human breast tissue: A risk factor for breast cancer?" AIDS research and Human Retroviruses, 19S: S-69. 2003.