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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Administrative Staff


STAFF LOCATED AT: Pathology Building, 4400 V Street, Sacramento, CA

Catherine Diaz-Khansefid, Chief Administrative Officer, School of Medicine

Responsible for all SOM oversight in the following areas: administration, strategic planning, fiscal affairs, computer support, philanthropy, personnel, accounting, purchasing, auditing, business contracts, business development, programmatic growth, training of residents and fellows; education of medical students, facilities management, research administration, medical staff affairs, and liaison to other UC Davis SOM and UCDHS departments.

Phone: (916) 734-3300
Email:  cjdiaz@ucdavis.edu

Kelly Due, Administrative Specialist, Supervisor

Provides executive-level administrative support to the Chair. Manages all Chair communications, scheduling, meetings, and special projects.

Phone: (916) 734-3330
Email:  kadue@ucdavis.edu

Laura Friudenberg, TemporaryAssistant to the CP Director and CP Faculty

Serves as assistant to Clinical Pathology Director and CP Faculty; credentialing/ongoing professional performance evaluation documentation/clinical competency summary/billing packets; proctoring; prepares and uploads AP and CP service schedules; prepares My Travel reports for CP faculty; CP faculty meeting agenda and official minutes autopsy service back-up; back-up to residency coordinator.

Phone: (916) 734-0694
Email:  laura.fridenberg@ucdavis.edu

Anna Gutiérrez, Medical Student Course Coordinator & Assistant to Vice Chair of Strategic Technologies

Serves as medical student course coordinator, assistant to Vice Chair for Strategic Technologies and back-up assistant to all clinical faculty; autopsy service (back-up); tracks and prepares faculty time away requests; updates personnel directories; updates Facebook and Pathology website (web editor); coordinates the Davis Technology Series (DTS) lectures; assists with coordination of department special events and conferences; collects and submits quarterly physician time study reports.

Phone: (916) 734-2350
Email:  argutierrez@ucdavis.edu

Shawn Jackson, Program Coordinator

Serves as executive assistant to CAO; organizes special events including special lectureships; prepares press releases for internal publication; compliance issues such as flu shots, TB, sexual harassment, etc.; gathers and prepares career planning and Z payment data and records mandatory faculty attendance; serves as support for Strategic Planning implementation committees and special projects; serves as a back-up to the Chair’s office; scheduling of medical student elective rotations.

Phone: (916) 734-5069
Email:  srjackson@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu

Penny Young, Residency Coordinator

Manages all functions related to Residents or Fellows, and serves as the Office of Record for these activities. Receives and processes residency and fellowship program applications; administrator for E-Value evaluations of trainees and faculty instructors; primary liaison with UC Davis GME office; maintains ACGME accreditation; Medical Student Course Coordinator, internal and external observers and clinical rotators to the residency or fellowship program coordinator.

Phone: (916) 734-3331
Email:  ppyoung@ucdavis.edu

(Ahmed) Reza Yousefi, Assistant to the AP Director and AP Faculty

Serves as assistant to Vice Chair for Clinical Services and AP Director; assistant to AP faculty; mail distribution; autopsy service main; AP faculty meeting agenda and official minutes; prepares My Travel reports for AP faculty; reserves conference rooms and AV equipment; submits PO&M and IT requests for service

Phone: (916) 734-2328
Email:  ryousefi@ucdavis.edu


STAFF LOCATED AT:  Jackson Park Building, 3700 Business Drive, Suite 130, UCDMC

Dyana Greene, Business Office Manager

Responsible for all aspects of the financial and administrative oversight of the Business Office activities and personnel.

Phone: (916) 734-0449
Email:  dgreene@ucdavis.edu

Richard Cosens, Grants and Contract Coordinator

Pre and Post award and related issues, Space issues, including research space allocation calculations; assistance with IRB submission.

Phone: (916) 734-3463
Email:  rbcosens@ucdavis.edu

Gail Casarez, Academic Personnel Coordinator

All issues related to academic personnel such as recruitment, appointments, merits, promotions. Hires post doctorals, project scientists, specialists series, etc. Faculty payroll, faculty vacation, FMLA, professional development leave and sabbatical reporting.

Phone: (916) 734-0445
Email:  gdcasarez@ucdavis.edu

Mario Felix, Purchasing Coordinator, backup to AP/AR

Serves as Purchasing Coordinator for the Department and assists in Accounts Payable/Receivable.

Phone: (916) 703-0420
Email:  mefelix@ucdavis.edu

Sharon Ram, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and Purchasing

Conducts department pathology financial transactions (DaFIS), including travel, entertainment and pre-payments; responsible for accounts payable; direct charges, check requests, vendor invoices., vendor credit memos, reimbursements; general ledger reviews for all accounts reconciliation; Kuali processing; internal billing for all core labs; new hire relocation; reimbursements or payments; accounts receivable; bill external (non-campus) customers; pathology staff payroll (Kronos); purchases for all faculty exceeding $500; CAMS Equipment Inventory; purchasing on-line order for lab and supplies.

Phone: (916) 734-3253
Email:  sjram@ucdavis.edu

Anandika Shafiq, HR/Payroll Personnel Specialist

Responsible for all issues related to HR/Payroll; payroll for academic and staff personnel, student personnel (undergraduate, graduate, post doctoral and researchers), residents and fellows; VISA processing for international scholars and students; responsible for implementation and maintenance of the KRONOS system; manages the staff recruitment for department; reviews and analyzes personnel needs and recommends appropriate job descriptions, titles and pay scales; manages undergrad and grad student position vacancy listings on-line through UCOOL System; faculty cost recovery/grants and contracts back-up.

Phone: (916) 734-3569
Email:  arshafiq@ucdavis.edu

Computer Support:

All IT issues including orders new computer equipment, service, etc is acquired by submitting a Service Request via the IT Service Catalog link at https://sc.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/src/secure/main.jsp#dashboard – request “ROUTE TO SOM IT Support Team” in description line.