In addition to the traditional training program in autopsy and surgical pathology, opportunities of particular interest include:

Subspecialty biopsies - A service for bone marrow, cardiopulmonary, hepatic, renal and pancreatic transplantation programs at UC Davis Medical Center.

Cytopathology - A fine-needle aspiration (FNA) service organized and staffed by the Deparment of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine provides experience in performing and interpreting needle aspirates.

Immunohistopathology - An active service provides experience with the newest immunoperoxidase methods.

Electron microscopy - Resident rotation provides hands-on experience, as well as broad exposure to ultrastructural pathology.

Dermatopathology - As an active referral center, UC Davis Medical Center has access to many interesting cases which are reviewed at a weekly teaching conference.

Forensic pathology - The Sacramento County Coroner's Office, located close to UC Davis Medical Center, performs more than 1,000 autopsies each year, providing experience in modern forensic pathology.