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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Medical School Courses - Professional

For information or CRN numbers, please contact Anna Gutierrez at argutierrez@ucdavis.edu at the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

PMD 405: Brain Cutting Conference (1-4 Units)
Offered Quarters , II, III, IV
Instructor: Lee-Way Jin, M.D., Ph.D.
Seminar - 1-4 hours
Prerequisite: third- and fourth-year medical students or consent of instructor
Current specimens are sectioned, discussed, and clinical correlations proposed.
**Course is not offered this academic year

PMD 407: Advanced Neuropathology (3 Units)
Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor: Mirna Lechpammer, M.D., Ph.D.
Prerequisite: Third- and fourth-year medical students and consent of instructor.
This course will present an integrated introduction to mechanisms of the central and peripheral nervous system injury.  Students will gain an understanding of pathological mechanisms underlying disease, the anatomic and molecular manifestations of pathologic processes of the CNS and PNS. (Grading HPF)

PMD 410A/B: General/Systemic Pathology (4.5, 7.5 Units)
Offered Quarters III and IV
Instructors: Regina Gandour-Edwards, M.D. 
Lecture - 30, 30 hours total; Laboratory/Discussion - 25, 90 hours total; Autotutorial - 0, 5 hours total
Prerequisite: Approval by Committee on Student Evaluation and Promotion
In-depth study of disease and its causes related to the general mechanisms of disease and each of the specific human organ systems. Concepts of pathophysiology applicable and required for clincal diagnosis. (Deferred grading only, pending completion of sequence)

PMD 464: Anatomic Pathology (3-6 Units)
Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor: John W Bishop, M.D.
Clinical activity - full time (2-4 weeks)
Prerequisite: Third- or fourth-year medical student and consent of instructor
Designed to provide an experience in anatomic pathology and application to clinical practice. Student will participate in autopsy,  specimen grossing, frozen sections, microscopic sign-out and conferences. If desired, opportunities to gain exposure to cytopathology, hematopathology, and clinical pathology are available. (Grading HPF)

PMD 465: Applied Clinical Laboratory Medicine (3-6 Units)
Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor: Hanne Jensen, M.D.
Clincal Activity - full time (2-4 weeks)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Emphasis upon laboratory techniques, procedures, and interpretation of laboratory results. Students will be expected to participate fully and in all laboratory operations, including bench techniques, laboratory management, and quality control. The course will be broken down into specific blocks that will include: Microbiology, transfusion medicine/apheresis, hematology/coagulation, molecular diagnostics, and clinical chemistry/point-of-care (POC). The number of blocks will be determined by the students’ length of rotation (2-4 weeks), interest, and faculty availability. A short presentation will be required for each student on a topic of their choice and relevant to Laboratory Medicine/Clinical Pathology. (Grading HPF)

PMD 470 Sub-Specialty in Didactic Pathology  (3-15 units)
Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor:  John W. Bishop, M.D.
Clinical Activity – full time (2-10 weeks)
Prerequisite:  Third- or Fourth-year medical student.  Consent of instructor required.
Externship provides in-depth exposure to one of a variety of subspecialties in Pathology.   (Grading HPF)

PMD 474  Anatomic Pathology Acting Internship (6units)
Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor:  John W. Bishop, M.D.
Clinical Activity – full time (4 weeks)
Prerequisite:  Fourth-year medical student or consentof instructor.
Permits students to gain skills needed for first year Pathology Residency. Students will perform autopsies and take full responsibility for a variety of surgical pathology cases. A mix of outpatient and inpatient cases is expected. (Grading HPF)

PMD 475: Anatomic and Clinical Pathology AI (6 Units)
Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor: Eric Huang, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical activity - full time (4 weeks)
Prerequisite: Fourth-year medical student; completion of general and systematic pathology courses PMD 410 series or equivalent.  Succession completion of third year clinical rotations.
This four-level course is designed to provide a concentrated experience in Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology.  The student will rotate on the surgical and cytopathology sub-specialty teams and assume responsibility for patient cases.  This student will gross and sign out specific cases as assigned.  The student will participate in rapid diagnostic services such as frozen section and fine needle aspiration.  A review of normal histology is essential and selected study sets and tutorials will be incorporated.  During the last week of rotation, the student will present a 20-minute case presentation or scholarly article pertinent to diagnostic pathology.

PMD 498: Advanced Group Study (1-5 Units) Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor: The Staff (Chairperson in charge)
Prerequisite: Medical student and consent of instructor
Group study in variety of advanced topics in general, special, experimental, or comparative pathology. (Grading HPF)

PMD 499: Research (1-18 Units) Offered Quarters I, II, III, IV
Instructor: The Staff (Chairperson in charge)
Prerequisite: Medical student with consent of instructor
Research in experimental, molecular, comparative, and applied pathology. Limited enrollment. (Grading HPF)