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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Traveling to Toledo



Early Registration - By April 15, 2015

Students & Postdocs: $425 US Dollars
Principal Investigators & Professors: $550 US Dollars
Corporate: $700 US Dollars
Traveling Partners: $200 US Dollars

After April 15, 2015:

Students & Postdocs: $475 US Dollars
Principal Investigators & Professors: $620 US Dollars
Corporate: $800 US Dollars
Traveling Partners: $275 US Dollars

On-Site Registration (Payment: Check in US Dollars only)

Students & Postdocs: $550 US Dollars
Principal Investigators & Professors: $690 US Dollars
Corporate: $900 US Dollars
Traveling Partners: $350 US Dollars

Penalty for Cancellation

$70 US Dollars
No Refunds will be given after March 1, 2015
Requests for refunds must be sent via e-mail to events@ucdavis.edu no later than March 1, 2015.

About Toledo

Toledo is 70km / 45 miles from the Spanish capital Madrid and can be quickly accessed from Madrid by car or public transportation including an hourly, direct high-speed train. Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was a major cultural center in Roman, Visigothic, Moorish, and Christian civilizations over 2 millennia and was also home to a thriving Jewish community. These distinctive cultural influences shaped daily life and are visible today in the unique Mozarabic architectural style that adorns historic buildings throughout Toledo. Among important roles, Toledo served as a center of translation where Arabic copies of classical literature were copied into Hebrew, Spanish and Latin, safeguarding literary treasures for civilization. Present day Toledo retains its historical roots while adopting the amenities of modern life. Along the narrow winding streets one encounters a wealth of treasures including Roman bridges and walls, mosques dating from the Xth century, synagogues from the XIIrd century, the Alcazar or main fortress dating from the IIIth century, the Cathedral and churches, and museums dedicated to culture and the art of Spanish Renaissance masters such as El Greco. In addition, modern hotels, bars, cafes, and restaurants serving typical Spanish dishes and international cuisine are abundant.


Traveling to Toledo

Toledo is just 1 hour from the Madrid airport by car and 25 minutes from the Atocha high speed train station in central Madrid.

For more information on Toledo, visit the Toledo Tourism website: http://www.toledo-turismo.com/en


History of Toledo

Toledo became a part of the Roman Empire in 192 BC and over the succeeding centuries was an important center for Visgoths, Moors, Jews and Christians. Toledo, UNESCO World Heritage Center, known as the "Imperial City" for being the main venue of the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles I of Spain (Charles V of Germany), and as the "City of the Three Cultures" from the rich cultural influence of the Christians, Muslims and Jewish residents of the city. Toledo remains a medieval city protected by city walls and fortified towers. Impressive gates, such as Puerta Bisagra, provide access to different aspects of the historic quarter. Enjoy the medieval streets and the impressive monuments of Toledo!