The Advisory Committee on Education (ACE) is charged with advising the Chair of the Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in all matters related to the department's educational mission.    The committee primarily focuses on the effectiveness, efficiency and continual improvement of education at all levels including the medical student education; residency and fellowship training programs (liaison capacity with the Residency Advisory Committee through the Resident Program Director; Edmondson Fellowships; Clinical Laboratory Scientist program and Continuing Medical Education.  In addition, this committee works closely with the Chair of the Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine to recommend speakers for the Grand Rounds to assure an effective and organized program to provide continual medical education for the faculty, residents and the UCDMC community.


  1. The committee shall consist of the following members:
    • Chair of the Committee: Vice Chair of Education
    • Members:   
      • Instructor of Record for Medical Pathology courses
      • Director or Co-Director of the Residency Program
      • Medical Director of Clinical Laboratory Scientist Program
      • Director of the Edmondson Fellowship Program
      • One additional member recommended by the Chair of the Committee from the faculty at large and appointed by the Chair of the Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
      • Chief Resident
  2. ACE shall meet on a quarterly basis to fulfill the mission and the activities of the committee with additional meetings as the need arises.
  3. ACE shall be assigned appropriate support staff time to assist with the administrative  duties (i.e. scheduling, minutes) of the committee.