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Clinical Pastoral Services

Clinical Pastoral Services

Clinical Pastoral Education at UC Davis Medical Center

The UC Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) CPE program is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education to offer Level I CPE, Level II CPE and Supervisory Education.  The Medical Center’s Clinical Pastoral Services department and its CPE program provide pastoral care and consultation, liaison with community religious leaders, and 24-hour on-call services to patients, families and staff.  These services reflect the Medical Center’s academic mission and its commitment to excellence in patient care.

At the heart of CPE at UCDMC is your ministry with people and what you will learn from your many encounters through reflection, discussion, and evaluation with other students and your supervisor.  At UCDMC you will experience on-site patient visitation, assignments to patients units, worship leadership, and on-call responsibilities.  Teaching methods include clinical case presentation and review (verbatim), didactic presentations, and individual supervision.  Some of the sessions will focus on what is happening to you both as a person and as a caregiver, and what is happening to those receiving your ministry.  In your encounters with a variety of human emotions, beliefs and values, you will be challenged to draw upon principles from behavioral sciences and examine social conditions to enrich your theological reflections.  Our students are selected from a rich tapestry of racial, ethnic, and spiritual/religious backgrounds.

The Medical Center's environment of cultural and religious/spiritual diversity provides challenging and stimulating learning context for the following CPE programs:

  1. Yearlong CPE Residency
  2. Extended CPE Internship
  3. Summer CPE Internship
  4. Single CPE Unit Internship
  5. Supervisory Education