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Parking and Transportation Services

Parking and Transportation Services

Employee Parking


A wide range of parking options are available at the UC Davis Medical Center depending on the length and nature of your visit. The information on this page applies to employees, vendors, contractors and couriers only. Patients and visitors, please refer to the Patient / Visitor Parking section. Students, see Student Parking.


Employee Parking Permits

Unless marked otherwise, all parking areas at UC Davis Medical Center, including off-site and leased facilities, are reserved for permit-only parking for staff, government or vendor/service vehicles. To use these areas, vehicles must display a valid permit and/or license plate. All permits must be authorized and issued by Parking Services. In lots 14, 16, 18 and 25, one-day permits can be purchased from a dispensing machine.

The annual parking permit period extends from July 1 through June 30. All annual parking permits expire June 30. Permits must be renewed and the new permit displayed by July 1 on vehicles parked in permit parking areas. Vehicles not displaying valid permits may be subject to a parking violation citation whether payroll deductions are still in effect or not.

Only a "D" permit allows the holder a reserved parking space. All other permits do not guarantee the holder a reserved parking space. It provides the opportunity to legally park where space is available.

Permits are not for resale and are not transferrable to other persons. Permits are for use by the purchaser only. Only one parking permit may be purchased per person.

Cancellation of payroll-deducted permits is effective only after a payroll cancellation form is completed and returned along with the permit to Parking Services.


Which Permit Do I Need?

Career (Full-Time)

  - Payroll-Deducted B Permit / Temporary B Permit
  - Payroll-Deducted D Permit / Temporary D Permit
  - M Permit (Motorcycle)
  - Payroll-Deducted Carpool Permit / Temporary Carpool Permit

Limited Appointment, Part-Time,
and Per Diem Employees:

  - Temporary B Permit
  - Temporary D Permit
  - C Permit
  - M Permit (Motorcycle)
  - Temporary Carpool Permit

Vendors, Contractors, Salespersons, Consumer Service Representatives, etc:

  - Vendor / Contractor Permits

Departmental Couriers:

  - Courier Permits

Daily Parking:

In lots 14, 16, 18 and 25, one-day permits can be purchased from a dispensing machine via cash or credit card.


Medical Parking Permits

Disabled Placards

Disabled Placards or plates issued by The California Department of Motor Vehicles identifying staff, faculty and students who require a wide parking space to use special equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers will be required to purchase and display a valid UC Davis Medical Center "B" or "C" parking permit. If applicant is not a permit holder, a daily permit can be purchased in Lots 14, 16, 18 or 25. These are the only permits honored in parking spaces denoted by the international handicap symbol because they are displayed in conjunction with a handicapped placard or plate.

Medical Parking Permits

Medical parking permits are available through the parking services offices for persons who require temporary, short-term, close-in parking for medical reasons, but who do not require a wide-space stall for mobility. This permit is issued with a time period not to exceed 2 months. Extension of this time limitation is granted at the discretion of the Parking Services manager with appropriate documentation from a physician.

  • Medical parking permits must be displayed with a valid "B" or "C" parking permit. If the applicant is not a permit holder, a daily permit can be purchased in Lots 14, 16, 18 or 25.
  • Medical permit eligibility for staff/employees is reviewed by Parking and Transportation Services. Employees must provide Parking Services with a letter from a physician stating mobility limitations and duration of need.


Additional Information: