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Parking and Transportation Services

Parking and Transportation Services

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Regional Transit / Light Rail
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Sacramento TMA (Transportation Management Association)
AMTrak Capitol Corridor
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Yuba/Sutter Transit
UC Davis, Davis Campus goClub


How much could you save by commuting to work?

According to the 2007 edition of AAA's annual "Your Driving Costs" study , drivers spend between $6,217 and $9,380 per year on average (based on 15,000 miles per year). The study is based on an extensive list of factors including gasoline, maintenance, tires, financing, depreciation and insurance.

The calculator below will allow you to estimate how much you could save just in gas and permit expenses by choosing an alternative to commuting to work alone.

Savings Calculator

Commute Information:
Commute days per month.
Miles each way to work.

Vehicle Information:
Maintenance costs (per mile).
M.P.G. Average miles per gallon.
Gas, cost per gallon.

Parking Cost:
What type of permit do you currently have?:

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Estimated Savings:

Click the "Calculate" button above to calculate your estimated savings.


* Based on monthly rates as of 5/31/07 and includes any subsidies provided by Parking Services. Does not include costs associated with transportation to or parking at the station/stop location.
"Behind the Numbers: Your Driving Costs" 2007 Ed., 27 April 2007, AAA Association Communication. Used by permission.