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To become eligible to drive or rent a Health System vehicle, all employees must have his/her driver’s license processed through the California DMV Pull Notice System.

Employees enrolled in the DMV Pull Notice, or Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program, authorize Fleet Services to receive a driver record report at least once every twelve (12) months or when any subsequent conviction, failure to appear, accident, driver’s license suspension, revocation, or any other action is taken against the employee’s driving privilege.

In accordance with UCD Policy #380-20, Employer Pull Notice System, University employees who are subject to participation in the EPN system, include those who meet the following criteria:

  1. Operate a vehicle requiring Class A or B driver's license.
  2. Operate a vehicle requiring a special certificate/endorsement.
  3. Identified by his/her department head based on the job requirement to drive while on University business.

The EPN program is used to promote driver and passenger safety and assures that each driver is in good standing (i.e. no suspensions, revocations, etc). This system is monitored regularly and supervisors are provided updates on any changes to a driver’s status.


How to Begin Enrollment

Department heads should identify staff that need to be added, and provide them with a copy of the DMV Pull Notice System Add/Remove Form form. Employee is responsible to complete and sign the top sections (name must be written EXACTLY as it appears on their driver’s license). The department head must complete and sign the lower sections as the "Authorized Representative," and submit the form to Fleet Services via FAX, email, inter-office mail, or personal delivery to the Fleet Services service counter at the Fleet Services Facility (FSF) building.

Note: the enrollment process can take up to 24 hours. Please plan accordingly.


Ending Enrollment

When an employee no longer requires enrollment in the EPN program (change of position or duties, or separation from the University), Department heads should complete a DMV Pull Notice System Add/Remove Form form, and submit it to Fleet Services.