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Parking and Transportation Services

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Department Vehicles
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[PDF] DMV Pull Notice System Add/Remove Form
[PDF] UCDHS Accident/Incident Report
[PDF] Application to Obtain University Vehicle on Assignment
[PDF] Vehicle Rental Request Form


UC Vehicle Code and Violations

Violations and Fine Amounts
Traffic and Parking Code (links to Davis campus)


California Vehicle Code

State of California Vehicle Code, Department of Motor Vehicles


For Health System departments interested in obtaining an assigned vehicle leased on a month-to-month basis, the department manager must complete the “Application to Obtain a University Vehicle” form. Preference will be given to departments who can demonstrate high-need and/or demonstrate that the vehicle will be shared among departmental units or with another department entirely. Departments with assigned vehicles are recharged monthly for insurance, basic repairs and maintenance, and for fuel usage. Departments with an assigned vehicle must have a signed “Service Agreement” on file with Fleet Services which should be updated annually.


DMV Pull Notice System

To become eligible to rent a Health System vehicle, all employees must have his/her driver’s license processed through the CA DMV Pull Notice System (PNS). The PNS assures that each driver is in good standing (i.e. no suspensions, revocations, etc). This system is monitored regularly and supervisors are provided updates on any changes to a driver’s status. Employees would complete the “Pull Notice System” form granting Fleet Services permission to process the driver’s license information. This process can take up to 24hrs and no vehicle rental reservation can be processed until Fleet Services this notification. Once the driver is cleared, he/she can complete a “Vehicle Rental Request” which must contain a proper DaFIS account and department authorization to rent.


Fueling Options

The primary fueling station for all Health System vehicles is on-site at 2800 49th Street at the Fleet Services Building (#69). There are three (3) gasoline pumps and two (2) diesel pumps, all of which, are available 24/7. Each Health System is assigned a white fuel card which tracks fueling data. On those occasions, where fueling must occur off-site, each Health System vehicle is also assigned a State of CA Voyager Fleet fuel card (yellow) that can be used at major gasoline retailers only (e.g. Shell, Chevron, etc). All fuel, whether obtain on-site or off-site, are recharged monthly.


Replacement Vehicle Program Information

All vehicles are kept on a preventive maintenance schedule of every 6 months or 6000 miles, whichever comes first, as prescribed by the State of California. Fleet Services contacts the assigned department to bring the vehicle due for preventive maintenance to the shop for the work to be done. In cases of need, Fleet Services will provide a replacement vehicle – like for like, if possible – to the assigned department. Replacement vehicles are not guaranteed and departments are required to turn in the assigned vehicle needing preventive maintenance whether or not a replacement vehicle is provided in order to ensure compliance with State of California vehicle code.