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Parking and Transportation Services

Parking and Transportation Services


Fleet Services

DMV Pull Notice
Short-Term Rental / Vehicle Reservations
Department Vehicles
Accident Form & Instructions



[PDF] DMV Pull Notice System Add/Remove Form
[PDF] UCDHS Accident/Incident Report
[PDF] Application to Obtain University Vehicle on Assignment
[PDF] Vehicle Rental Request Form


UC Vehicle Code and Violations

Violations and Fine Amounts
Traffic and Parking Code (links to Davis campus)


California Vehicle Code

State of California Vehicle Code, Department of Motor Vehicles


In Case of Accident or Damage

Notify Fleet Services at (916) 734-2498 immediately to have your vehicle inspected for accident damage. Drivers MUST report ALL accidents or incidents regardless of the extent of damage to the vehicle within 24-hours. Report directly to UC Claims Administrator, Sedgwick, by calling 1-800-416-4029 and then pressing 1. Sedgwick’s operators are available 24/7.