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Department of Otolaryngology

Department of Otolaryngology

Anh Q. Troung, M.D.

PGY Level: PGY V

UC Davis Health System
Department of Otolaryngology
2521 Stockton Blvd., Suite 7200
Sacramento, CA 95817


Email: anh.troung@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu


  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine
    Seattle, WA, June 2009
  • Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering, University of Washington
    Seattle, WA, June 2005
  • Minor in Medical History & Ethics, University of Washington
    Seattle, WA, June 2005

Awards & Honors:

  • MSRTP Summer research grant – UW School of Medicine 2006
  • NSF Undergraduate Scholars in Research Program – UW Engineered Biomaterials 2003

Research Experience:

  • 06/2006 - 09/2006 – Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington (MSRTP funded)
    Advisor – PI: Michael Chang, MD, PhD, CMD
    • Prepare polyacrylamide gel and porcine tissue samples and deliver focusing shock
      wave (extracorporeal) and linear shock wave (ballistic) to samples.
    • Characterize shock wave propagation by visualizing/capturing cavitation patterns via
      ultrasound. Simulate propagation pattern in joints with marble embed gel.
  • 09/2003 – 08/2005 – UW Engineered Biomaterials, University of Washington (NSF
    Advisors – PI: Cecilia Giachelli, PhD; Fellow: Rupak Rajachar, PhD
    • Prepare osteopontin (OPN) coated hydroxyapatite (HA) and cortical bone discs.
    • Harvest and stimulate osteoclast assay on HA and cortical bones with OPN.
    • Perform histochemistry and analyze light and electron microscopy image of discs to
      evaluate OCL viability and mineral resorption.
    • Optimize mineral surface on polystyrene dish for osteoclast form and function assay.

Publications & Poster Presentations:

  • Rajachar, R.M.; Truong, A.Q.; Giachelli, C.M. “The influence of surface mineral and
    osteopontin on the formation and function of murine bone marrow derived osteoclasts.” J
    Mater. Sci. Mater. Med. 2008; [Epub ahead of print].
  • Rajachar, R.M.; Tung, E.; Truong, A.Q.; Look, A.; Giachelli, C.M. “Role of carbonic
    anhydrase II in ectopic calcification.” Cardiovasc. Pathol. 2008; [Epub ahead of print].
  • Truong, A.Q.; Rajachar, R.M.; Giachelli, C.M. “Osteopontin affects osteoclast formation and
    resorption from marrow-derived macrophages on a mineralized surface.” Journal of
    Undergraduate Research in Bioengineering” 2005;5(1): 53-6.
  • Truong, A.Q.; Rajachar, R.M.; Giachelli, C.M. In-vitro system to study osteopontin mediated
    regression of calcification. Presented at the 2005 UWEB Industry Symposium, Seattle, WA,
    United States, Feb 9 – Feb 11, 2005.

Published Abstracts:

  • Truong, A.Q.; Santosa, D.M.; Vaezy S.; Chang, M.W. “Evaluation of shock wave
    propagation in polyacrylamide gel and porcine tissue.” Presented at the 2007 Western
    Regional Meeting, Carmel, CA, United States, Jan 31 – Feb 3, 2007.