Message from the Chair

In assuming the responsibility of acting chair of the department, I want to emphasize our ongoing commitment to excellence in patient care, teaching, and research and take a moment to acknowledge all of the physicians, scientists, nurses, and administrative staff who have devoted their time and energies on behalf of our collective mission. Their efforts are manifest in the appreciation of our patients and the national and international reputation of our department.
On a personal note, it seems like just yesterday that Dr. Michael Chapman invited me to join the faculty to develop a sports medicine program. Our then small group of faculty was fortunate to have a mentor and leader as inspirational and dedicated as he.  I hope that by service to the department in my current role I can repay a debt of gratitude to Drs. Chapman, Benson, and Rab for their interest in my development when I was a new faculty member.
I look forward to working together with everyone in our department to ensure that the quality of our efforts continues to be outstanding, collegiality remains high, and that job satisfaction is an attainable goal for all. This will enable us to succeed in continuing to deliver the best in patient care, teaching, research, and public service.