4th Year Electives in OBGyn

We have three Acting Internships in OBGYN available to UCD SOM students. Although UCD students are given first priority, visiting students may also participate in these courses. If you are a visiting student, the application is managed by the Office of the Registrar: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/mdprogram/registrar/visiting.html

UCD students may register via eFlight (https://eflight.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/scheduling/public/content/catalog.iface)

For socio-economically disadvantaged students who come from traditionally Under-Represented in Medicine Communities, the Office of Student and Resident Diversity at UCD sponsors a subsidized 4th year Visiting Clerkship Program.

Residency Application Advising for 4th Year Students

We have an advising program for fourth year UCD SOM students applying for OBGYN residency. Fourth year students select a primary advisor from a small core of advisors, overseen by Dr. Hou, to act as a mentor through the application process.

  • Group session on the application process
  • Group session on preparing for interviews (current 1st and 2nd year residents invited to share their viewpoints and experiences)
  • Individual sessions with primary advisor to review the ERAS application including personal statement, the initial application list, and rank list
  • Mock Interview and Feedback