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The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

A Message from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing, UC Davis; Dean and Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Celebrate the dedication, commitment and efforts of the nation's nurses

Each May we celebrate National Nurses Week by remembering the dedication, commitment and efforts of the nation’s nearly 3.1 million registered nurses and the significant role nurses play to advance and improve health everywhere.
This year, I am particularly excited to celebrate National Nurses Week here at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis. It is a perfect time to call attention to the impressive array of contributions from faculty, postdoctoral scholars and students over the past year while recognizing the contributions and support of all of you. Without you, these accomplishments would not be possible!
Excitement and pride continue to grow as we prepare for our inaugural graduation celebration in June. Our first 25 graduates are one of the first ripples of transformation from the Betty Irene School of Nursing. Our program—deeply rooted in leadership development, interprofessional education and transformative research—prepared these nurses to lead changes in health care from a variety of settings. Their influence will form the next ripple in their workplaces and communities, with the people and programs they lead and the students they mentor.
One quarter of the graduating class has already advanced in their careers, with promotions or new positions, ready to lead changes in their organizations. Some are taking on nursing leadership positions where they are responsible for health-care delivery while others are in positions devoted to improving quality in specific areas, such as reducing infections and promoting safety.
These graduates represent just one of many ripples already emanating from our school. Our doctoral students, two years into their four years of study, are creating ripples of their own. For example, Kathy Kim has been invited to speak at conferences across the United States and Canada to share her research regarding the use of technology, such as cell phones, to enable individuals and their health-care providers to work together to manage health issues. Another doctoral student, Deborah Greenwood, is partnering with a high-tech corporation to develop new tools to manage chronic disease.
I am proud of our founding faculty team, who contribute in significant ways to nursing education, research and leadership. We salute two former visiting nursing faculty who played critical roles early in the development of our curriculum who are now advancing health in New York state. We congratulate Dr. Eileen Sullivan-Marx on her recent appointment as dean at New York University College of Nursing, joining the community where Dr. Bobbie Berkowitz is dean at Columbia University School of Nursing.
Our faculty are leading new interprofessional efforts at UC Davis and beyond. For example, Professor Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, who joined the team in October, in collaboration with UC Davis Health System government relations staff, created an interprofessional Leadership Education and Policy Development program. This week-long summer intensive program enhances leadership skills among nursing, medical and other health-care graduate students and provides an opportunity for them to communicate their research and clinical findings to members of Congress. In early May, Assistant Professor Ester Carolina Apesoa-Varano partnered with researchers from the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center to develop a Qualitative Health Symposium, bringing together a diverse, interprofessional audience from throughout the region for a day to learn together and share best practices.
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing postdoctoral-scholar alumni are advancing health in new settings as well. Dr. Casey Shillam was recently appointed to the faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, ranked the No. 1 nursing school by U.S. News and World Report in 2011. She also joins the Center to Champion Nursing in America, leading efforts for the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action.  This nationwide initiative is a collaborative effort to implement the recommendations of the 2010 Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing report to improve quality and advance health in America.
Four additional postdoctoral-scholar alumni—Tara Sharpp, Dian Baker, Debra Bakerjian and Samira Jones—are in faculty positions in the region where they are teaching future nurses while also conducting research and leading efforts to develop new, innovative nursing curricula.
Through their collaboration with interdisciplinary colleagues and a continued focus on systems, policy and the broader context of health, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing graduates, faculty and scholars are indeed advancing health in communities across the nation.
This is only the beginning. Our ripples must multiply and reach diverse shores around the globe. It is your continued support that enables us to reach this goal. I appreciate the many ways you contribute to the enactment of our vision—by sharing your ideas, energy, time and financial resources.  I thank you for opening doors and for believing in our vision to transform health care through nursing leadership, education and research.
As we celebrate nurse leaders across the nation throughout National Nurses Week, we also celebrate all of you who value the nursing profession with us.  Please stay in touch with us by joining our email list.
Together, we ARE unleashing the power and passion of nursing!
Warm regards,
Heather M. Young, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing, UC Davis
Dean and Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis