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The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing


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Why support the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis?

In 2007, UC Davis and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation forged a public-private partnership with a vision to transform health care and redefine the role of nurses in the 21st Century. Such a vision demanded a new school designed to develop graduates who meet the demands of the future and create national models for effective and efficient health-care systems that improve quality and health. The landmark $100 million commitment from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation provides the funding necessary to launch this new school and guarantees initial resources to recruit faculty, develop the curriculum, recruit students, start research initiatives and develop collaborative programs across UC Davis and with academic partners across the nation.

The $100 million commitment from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation makes it possible to launch the school efficiently, effectively and expeditiously. But the annual allocation of grant monies—the major source of funds through 2020—gradually declines over the next decade, until it runs out in 2020. Between now and 2019, when full enrollment is reached, it is critical to build a culture of philanthropy and establish a substantial endowment to keep the school strong and vital far into the future. In addition to student and faculty support, a critical component of the fundraising plan is to secure the funds necessary to build the facilities to support the school at full enrollment. The founding grant does not fund any construction. While current facilities may be used in the early stages of the school’s launch, it is essential to raise funds now to support future facility needs. 

Philanthropic gifts are needed for:

Endowed scholarships
Endowed scholarships and awards attract students of the highest caliber—those most capable of contributing significantly to the transformation of health care through their work, leadership and scholarship. These endowed funds help the school recruit and recognize outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who will be the health-care leaders of tomorrow, and ensure this education remains accessible and affordable. 
Endowed faculty positions
Endowed faculty chairs and professorships support a diverse, talented faculty who discover and share knowledge to help solve the nation’s most pressing health-care problems. These endowed positions honor accomplished faculty, and serve as important incentives that enable the school to draw the best teachers and researchers from around the nation. 
Research projects
Innovative, interdisciplinary nursing research addresses urgent societal needs. This research is essential to the complex study of health and illness experiences and to finding creative solutions that improve health and health care. Click here for more information about research. 
 Learning studio image Integrated health building
As the School of Nursing grows to reach full enrollment of more than 450 students, a new facility is needed to house the majority of the school’s faculty, administrative staff and student facilities while sharing classrooms, lecture halls and other features with students from other disciplines. UC Davis Health System aims to build a new integrated health building that includes unique research-focused spaces that are conducive for the work of interprofessional teams.