Beginning June 19, faculty and staff are moving into new offices in

  • Betty Irene Moore Hall (MH)
  • Administrative Support Building (ASB).

To help visitors during this transition, below is a list of suite locations where team members will reside by fall 2017. The list includes the new offices for those who are moving, as well as the names of faculty and staff who remain in their current offices. Please check with those you may be meeting with to confirm locations. Click on the PDF links below for maps that detail the exact location of team members within each building.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We look forward to welcoming you to Betty Irene Moore Hall.

Click here to view location map (pdf) »

ASB 2120: Adams, Susan

ASB 2600: Arriola, Leslie

MH 2400: Badovinac, Lisa

ASB 2120: Bakerjian, Debra

MH 3700: Berry, Amanda

ASB 2600: Bettega, Kristen

MH 1200: Carrick, Jenny

MH 2500: Corbett, Andrew

MH 2400: DeAnda, Marci

MH 3700: Davis, Christy

ASB 2120: Demeter, Sharon

ASB 2120: Emond, Felix

MH 2400: Harvath, Theresa

MH 3700: Hass, Virginia

ASB 2200: Henderson, Shelly

ASB 2600: Joseph, Jill

ASB 2120: Kayingo, Gerald

MH 3700: Kuslak-Meyer, Sheri

MH 2500: Lazo, Des

MH 2500: Lorigan, Ksenia

MH 3700: Lumaquin, Maricel

ASB 1200: Marin Cachu, Ana

MH 1200: Mentze, Sarah

MH 1200: Miller, Caroline

ASB 1220: Mongoven, Jennifer

ASB 2120: Munoz, Stacy

MH 3700: Nichols, Amy

ASB 2600: Norwood, Rick

MH 3700: O’Rourke, Michelle

MH 2400: Pasco, Stacey

MH 2500: Peterson, Laura

MH 3700: Rice, Elizabeth

ASB 1220: Rifkin, Devin

ASB 2120: Rodgers, Jim

ASB 2120: Sanson-Smith, Emily

ASB 2200: Sankaran, Sam

ASB 2120: Shaw-Battista, Jenna

ASB 2600: Siegel, Elena

ASB 2120: Siiteri, Jon

MH 3700: Sowa, Jason

ASB 1220: Thompson, Stephanie

MH 1200: Verzola, Madeline

ASB 2600: Ward, Deborah

ASB 1220: Wells, Steven

ASB 2120: Wijesinghe, Sampath

MH 1200: Yi, Amanda

MH 2400: Young, Heather

ASB 2600: Ackerman-Barger, Piri

ASB 2600: Apesoa-Varano, Carolina

ASB 2200: Avelar, Yesi

ASB 2600: Badeaux, Rebecca

ASB 2600: Bell, Janice

ASB 2600: Bigbee, Jeri

ASB 2600: Brunello, Tina

ASB 2200: Byrns, Kelly

ASB 2600: Catron-Dodkins, Terry

ASB 2600: Catz, Sheryl

ASB 2600: Draughon Moret, Jessica

ASB 2600: Dyson, Jacqueline

CHT 4311: Edwards, Jennifer

CHT 4311: Fazio, Sarina

ASB 2600: Fish, Nebrisa

ASB 2600: Goldin, Philippe

ASB 2200: Hente, Matt

ASB 2600: Hollingsworth, Lora

ASB 2600:Jalil, Sakib

ASB 2600: Katyal, Sucharit

CHT 2301: Katz-Bell, Jana

ASB 2600: Kim, Kathy

ASB 2600: Kim, Tae Youn

ASB 2200: Le, Thuy

ASB 2200: Lewis, Tami

CHT 4311: Luo, Daicy

ASB 2600: Luu, Brent

ASB 2600: Mangini, Lizzy

ASB 2600: Murray-Garcia, Jann

ASB 2200: O’Rourke-Powell, Emma

ASB 2200: Patton, Dave

ASB 2200: Reed, Sarah

ASB 2600: Reevesman, Lisa

ASB 2600: Rodway, George

ASB 2200: Shah, Nilpa

ASB 2600: Siantz, Mary Lou de Leon

ASB 2600: Siebert, Joanna

CHT 2343: Tang-Feldman, Yaya

ASB 2600: Tate, Sallie-Grace

ASB 2600: Van Auker, Laura