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The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Inaugural Student Classes

The fall 2010 inaugural classes are made up of eight doctor of philosophy and 25 master's degree students.

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing was established in March 2009 through a $100 million commitment from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Hosted by the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, the Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership Graduate Degree Program opened to the inaugural classes of doctoral and master's leadership degree students in fall 2010. In fall 2013 the school welcomed the inaugural master's nurse practitioner and master's physician assistant students.

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Below are the inaugural Doctor of Philosophy students in the graduating class of 2014 and their dissertation topics:

Perry M. Gee
Personal Health Records: Perceptions of the Chronically Ill

Deborah Greenwood
Type 2 Diabetes & Telehealth: Revisiting Home Patient Monitoring

Katherine Kim
New Scales for Technology Activation in Patients

Lori Kennedy Madden
Impact of Temperature Profile on Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury

Lisa Martinez
Association Between Physical Activity & Academic Achievement in Mexican-American Poor Communities

Sheridan Miyamoto
Risk Factors for Severe Child Inflicted Injuries

Frances Lorelie Patmon
Acute Pain in Older Adults in Emergency Department Return Visits

Susan L. Perez
Information Seeking of the Medically Vulnerable


Below are the inaugural Master of Science — Leadership students in the graduating class of 2012 and their thesis topics:

Eileen Caroline Andrae
Assessing The Health Literacy of Heart Failure Patients—A Pilot Study

Ren Bee
Flight Nursing: What Is It And Why Are Nurses Leaving?

Kay Behan
Transitions of Care: Improving the Hospital Discharge Process

Suzanne M. Beshore
Factors that Influence Timely Access to Orthodontic Care For Children with Cleft Lip and Palate Preparing for Alveolar Bone Grafting

Marybeth Burrell
A Case Study: Fostering Leadership of Champion Nurses for IHI Bundle Implementation with Graduate Student Collaboration

Amy L. Doroy
Building Strong Teams: Effects of a Medical Student/R.N. Shadowing Experience

Priscilla Duarte
Mobilization of Ventilated Patients in the Intensive Care Unit: Patient Disposition

Therese Frank
Culture of Safety: Beyond the Safety Survey—A Cross-sectional, Mixed Methods Study

Daphene A. Francis
Exploring the Health Perceptions and Health Experiences of First Generation Black Caribbean Immigrant Women in the U.S.

Jody Johnson
A School Nurse Toolkit For Early Identification, Treatment and Management of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Charley Johnston
Community Based Advanced Care Planning Education for Older Adults—Ensuring a Voice in Health Care Decisions: A Pilot Study

Laura Brenneman Jones
Analysis of an Electronic Patient-centered Communication Model to Improve Transitions of Care and Communications Across the Community Care Team Working with Chronically Ill Seniors

Linda Luna
Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Quality Healthcare for Women Farmworkers in a Northern California Region: A Qualitative Study

Mary Manaloto
Employee Perspectives of Health Flexible Spending Accounts: Cultural Barriers and Facilitators

Sanaz Martin
Exploring the Health Houses Network: Iran and Mississippi—A Cross-sectional Qualitative Study

Jennifer Mattice
Evaluation of a Tool for Debriefing Following Simulation Education

Maureen Murphy
Increasing the Sensitivity of Trauma Triage Guidelines for Older Adults: An Analysis of Frequently Used Triage Criteria and Common Outcome Measures

Gerald Padilla
Knowledge Acquisition and Sharing Between Expert and Novice Nurses in the ICU

Keran Parkash Raju
Geriatric Nursing Shortage: Examining Facilitators and Barriers Through the Experience of a Novice Nurse

Arlette M. Rogers
Insight into a Rural Heterogeneous Cancer Support Program

Mary Jean Spelis
Are Health Care Professionals Ready to Teach? The Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Hospital Health Care Professionals Related to Patient and Family Teaching

Gretchen Spickler
The Role of Primary Care Nursing in Correctional Health Care

Oleg Teleten
Colorectal Cancer: Knowledge, Beliefs and Attitudes Among the Community in Sacramento

Kimberley D. Whitney
Culture of Safety: Beyond the Safety Survey—A Cross-sectional , Mixed Methods Study

Terri Pauser Wolf
Men's Experiences of Head and Neck Cancer: Role Disruption, Identity Changes, and Illness Work


Below are the inaugural Master of Health Services — Physician Assistant students in the graduating class of 2015:

Emily Barrick
Elizabeth Bradbury 
Brandy Carrillo
Jennifer Figueroa
Brittany Gerali
Pamela Ibanez
Beata Jaron
Christopher Jensen
Nathaniel Lara
Maribel Manriquez
Christopher Morales
Cathleen Mueller
Allison O'Brien
Lottie Pierce
Stella Plukchi
Stephanie Purewal
Dale Risenhoover
Yael Saavedra
Jonathan Sanz
Lynette Tschabold
Wa Vue


Below are the inaugural Master of Science — Nurse Practitioner students in the graduating class of 2015:

Lauren Burke
Kathryn Hanks
Sara Marchessault
Carrie Melchior
Amy Nitta
Rachel Wu