Tools and resources

  • Use this guide in consultation with your health-care provider. Keep your health-care provider informed about your use of the strategies in this guide. 
  • Learn about each strategy. Read this guide to learn about strategies that can help you manage your pain. Click on the gold box below to go through this guide. Or download a PDF of this booklet here.
  • Rate how well you think you are doing with each strategy. The wheel on the next page shows a picture of each strategy next to a wedge of the wheel. Each wedge is divided into three sections. Use the key shown on the page to put an X in the section of the wedge that matches how well you are managing that strategy right now. Continue to use this wheel to track your progress.
  • Choose a strategy you would like to work on. It is best to choose one that is important to you and that you think you can start to change right now. 
  • Develop a plan for the strategy you choose to work on. Use the Self-Management Action Plan to help develop your plan. 
  • Experiment with your plan. Many people find that their plan will change as they experiment with how it fits into their daily routines. Make adjustments as you experiment rather than trying to get the perfect plan developed before you start. 
  • Finally, pay close attention to any small or large changes in how well you function and cope with pain. Notice what strategies seem to provide you the best results. Remember to keep your health-care provider updated about your activities and progress.

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