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Kristine Thach, R.N., B.S.N. (CNII Davis 14 Ortho/Trauma Unit)

March 2012

Kristine Thach, R.N., B.S.N.

Nursing is a profession that allows me to reach into someone else’s life and possibly shed some positivity and motivation during their hospital stay.  I love being a nurse because I love to see life from different perspectives, learn from my patients, teach them and their loved ones how to manage their care, and most of all I love to see the drive in their eyes to get healthier.

 Nursing is a rewarding job because you get a chance to see people get better and grow stronger.  You give your patients a voice when they cannot speak up for themselves.  You have a chance to listen to their fears, wishes, and needs and let them know they are in good hands and you are here to help them.  I love what I do because every day I work I know I can let my patients know I did everything I could to make them feel comfortable and I gave them compassionate care.  I love to see patients smile and feel the warmth from their happiness while continuing to strive towards recovery. 

I enjoy working at UC Davis Medical Center because it is a phenomenal hospital.  Everyone is very friendly and there are so many smiling faces.  That tells me that people are happy with their jobs.  If people are happy with their jobs, then it makes for better patient care.  I enjoy working here because I love the teaching hospital structure.  I feel like my voice is heard when advocating for patient care.  It keeps me inspired to keep up with my nursing practice so I can teach the nursing students that cross my path.  I feel extremely supported especially in my department. The management is exemplary and ever since I have been working here I feel the support from our manager, the AN II’s and CN II’s.  My colleagues are always here to support me during every shift.  I can always count on the cohesiveness of our department and whenever I need a helping hand I can turn to anyone.  The best part about working here is I actually look forward to coming to work. This institution provides for so many opportunities that you would not be able to find elsewhere. I just joined our departmental Professional Governance to help implement changes on our floor. I’ve joined a couple committees to help broaden my horizon about nursing within the entire hospital.  I know there are a lot more opportunities that UC Davis Medical Center offers; there is something for everyone.  I am proud to say that I work for UC Davis Medical Center.