“In a world focused on clinical skills, this class is a beacon of light for communication and self-care skills, which are at least as important as all the clinical skills!” 

“Stresses from being on a unit that is regularly short-staffed, I have found myself looking less forward to being at work. I NEEDED this class! It has renewed my desire to serve and to have more compassion for my coworkers and for myself. Very therapeutic and uplifting, the best conference I have ever attended.”

“This class saved me. Thank you UC Davis for offering this.” “This class cleaned my soul. I laughed, cried and enjoyed every minute of it” 

“I’ve been a nurse since ’99 and have never been to a class this amazing. I highly recommend this to all healthcare providers; we need “care” too” 

“This class helps me reflect, reset and re-ignite my desire/motivation to keep doing what I’m doing. It always reminds me why I became a nurse and what I’m doing is changing lives” 

“There is no shortage of classes for clinical skills and competencies but this class stands alone on the (at least as important) skills of self-care and compassion and really the art (vs. the skills) of nursing”