The city of Davis is surrounded by open space — including some of the most valuable agricultural land in the state. The location of the main campus of the University of California, is an attractive university town located 15 minutes west of Sacramento.

In addition to the academic attractions of a major University, there are frequent presentations by University-sponsored performers and lecturers. Both Sacramento and Davis are actively interested in physical fitness and energy conservation and both communities can boast more than 50 miles of bicycle lanes and paths providing residents with excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. With more bicycles per person than any other city in the nation, Davis has earned the title, "City of Bicycles."

Ecologically aware and socially innovative, Davis has a small-town friendliness and spirit of volunteerism that distinguishes it from cities of similar size. Residents are active in local, national, and international political causes, in the arts, and in community organization. Students comprise nearly half of the city's population of 50,000 making Davis one of the state's few remaining "college towns." You'll find an abundance of bookshops, coffee houses, and restaurants catering to students.