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Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology

Message from the Director, Björn Oskarsson, M.D.

Dr Bjorn Oskarsson

Dear webpage visitor, ALS is a tough disease. We are  dedicated to fighting this disease both here and now with the best tools of today, but also to develop better treatments for tomorrow to reach a cure for the disease.


As you are visiting our webpage I am sure that you are also committed to fighting ALS; either as person who may have the disease, one that is living with ALS, somebody with a loved one with ALS, or as a student or researcher trying to do better for those suffering from ALS. We are trying to not only fight hard, but also smart and for this purpose we formed the UCD ALS clinic in 2009.


 The four cornerstones that we build the clinic on are;

1) Correct diagnosis.  ALS can look very different in different people and there are other diseases that can appear much like ALS. We make sure to exclude other diseases and treat them when we find them.

2) Multidisciplinary Team Care.  By bringing together specialists knowledgeable in specific problems that ALS can cause we can create care plans that are comprehensive and help the whole person.

3) Education, we educate our patients about what ALS is and how we can treat it. Our patients and the ALS team educate physicians and therapists in training so that they recognize and understand the challenges that ALS present.

4) Research, through research we strive to understand the disease so that we can treat it better. We engage ALS in many ways; in the immediate term we conduct trying to figure out why ALS occurs and what makes ALS progress the way it does, trying to find ways to make people live better with ALS, and trying to treat the disease with experimental treatments. In the longer term we work on developing stem cell treatments through the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures.

If you or a loved one have or may have ALS we would like to try to help you in this fight, please contact our clinical coordinator Michelle (916) 734-6304.

If you would like to help us fight the disease please consider volunteering as a study volunteer, or a volunteer in clinic or by supporting us (916) 734-6304.

Today I lost a person who I had great respect for who to ALS, but I care for many more. It is my strongest wish that this would be the last person I loose and I will continue working to stop this disease.

Please contact me if I might be able to help you or if you want to help - I am available by email bjorn.oskarsson@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu