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Aging and Medical Science: A Mini Medical School

Aging and Medical Science: A Mini Medical School

UC Davis Mini Medical School Testimonials

“I loved the entertainment value of the Mini-Medical School. It was fun to go to class. I thought it was going to be an 'eat your vegetables and exercise' sort of thing, but it wasn't. It was very informative and very interesting.”
— Fred Harrold

“The Mini Medical School Program epitomizes UC Davis’ public service mission and our dedication to the greater Sacramento region. Never before has the science of aging been more relevant, and for more than a decade the Mini Medical School Program has stood as one of the nation’s premier programs in providing lifesaving and life-altering knowledge about healthy aging to the broader public. By drawing on the knowledge and resources of the UC Davis Health System’s world-class faculty and award winning medical services, this groundbreaking program serves as a core component of our efforts to promote healthy aging among our local communities and beyond.”
— Chancellor Linda Katehi – UC Davis

“The Mini-Medical School is not just for people in the second half of life. I think the Mini-Medical School is for people who want to arrive in the second-half of life, and do it in a very healthy way.”

— Darby Patterson

“If there were more programs of this kind, I think we'd have less expensive medical care. Mini-Medical School has given me a lot of ideas as to what I can do to avoid common health problems.”

— Frank Vincent

Michael with graduates“The UC Davis Mini Medical School program has proven its success since 2002, and I am proud to have joined in its support in 2005. I look forward to your continued progress and in participating with you in the future.”

— Assemblymember Mariko Yamada, 8th District 

“The quality of the renowned professors at UC Davis Medical School are such an inspiration to each individual participant. Many of us are in attendance because the program is so practical and useful. Each time you attend, you learn so much about current medical research that it’s easy to sustain the learning and use the information right away.”

— Eva Long, Ph.D. 

“Dr. McCloud, kudos for orchestrating such a terrific idea with the Mini Medical School. Your effort has been extraordinary in serving an aging population that realizes the importance of taking a more active role in educating themselves to healthcare issues.”

— Craig T. McMurray, Capital Public Radio

"As a second year resident at the UC Davis Department of Medicine, I had the opportunity to attend the Mini-Medical School. It was very interactive and I think everybody learned a lot. I definitely want to continue being involved in the Mini-Medical School."

— Susan Leonard, M.D. 

“So many people have been touched by the Mini Medical School. They know how to help themselves and their families better their health. The impact isn't just seen in a positive way, but in preventing some negative things from happening as well.”

— Fred Meyers, M.D., M.A.C.P., Executive Associate Dean, UC Davis Health System 

“I love teaching at the Mini Medical School. I think the enthusiasm of the audience is fantastic. The students’ eagerness for learning is just inspirational to me as an educator.”

— Amparo Villablanca, M.D. 


Unsigned evaluations submitted by students:

"An inspiring program. I learned how to take better care of myself.”

“The Mini Medical School makes learning fun. I appreciate that we are taught by the same professors at the same level they teach their medical students.  They don’t dilute the information just because we aren’t earning real medical degrees.”

“Excellent spectrum of topics. Lecturers were a joy.”

“What a program!  There is nothing like this in the Bay Area.”

“The speakers were well-prepared, friendly, humorous, articulate and easy to understand. I learned that I can be healthy into my 80’s and not experience abnormal aging if I follow the recommendations.”

“I really appreciate you separating myth from reality.”

“What an amazing program. You are providing such useful information on aging. How fortunate we are to have this opportunity.”

“Great!  May we attend again next year?”

“Dr. McCloud is in a class by himself.”

“Extremely informative.  Excellent!”

“Everything was fascinating.  Thank you so much for the entire Mini Medical School.”

“My favorite part was Dr. McCloud’s no-nonsense approach. The quality of the presentations was superb.”

“I’m sorry Mini Medical School is over. How about an advanced follow-up course?”