2-2-13 Polypharmacy - Calvin H. Hirsch, M.D.


2-2-13 The Nosology of the Runny Nose from Someone Who Knows - Suzanne Teuber, M.D.


2-9-13 Obama care & you - Patrick Romano, M.D.
2-9-13 Untangling the Tau of Memory Loss - Dan Mungas, Ph.D.
2-16-13 Alternatives to Open Heart Surgery - Jason H. Rogers, M.D.
2-16-13 The Mini-Medical School Magical Medical Mystery Tour, Dr. Faith Fitzgerald, M.D.
2-23-13: Depression in Older Adults - Dr. Ladson Hinton, M.D.
2-23-13 Commencement and Awarding of Diplomas - Dr. Lee Jones, M.D.