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UC Davis MIND Institute

UC Davis MIND Institute

Research Study

The Attentional Behavior and Cognitive Control (ABC) Study

Who are we looking for?

Individuals aged 6-15 years, with OR without an autism spectrum disorder (i.e. autism, HFA, Asperger Syndrome, or PDD-NOS). Potential subjects are screened for eligibility over the phone.

What is the purpose of the study?

We are interested in learning more about the behavior of children and adolescents with ASD when they think and play.

What does the study involve?

  • One 1.5-hour visit to the MIND Institute
  • Complete questionnaires and assessments
  • Play attention-related computer games

What will my family receive?

  • A prize of choice from our treasure chest
  • Free IQ and related assessment results

Where does the research visit take place?

The visit will take place at the UC Davis MIND Institute. You can schedule a time at your convenience, even before or after your clinic visit if you are already coming in for an appointment.

What should I do if I want my child to participate?

A researcher will need to complete a brief phone screen with you to confirm your child’s eligibility. You have two options:

  1. Click here to sign up online. A researcher will contact you.
  2. If you have time now, call (916) 734-7801.  Please leave a message if no one answers.


Please contact a Study Coordinator at:

Phone: (916) 734-7801 or