Sally Ozonoff, Ph.D.Principal Investigator


Sally J. Rogers, Ph.D.Co-Investigator

Gregory S. Young, Ph.D.Co-Investigator

Monique Moore Hill, M.A.

Monique Moore Hill, M.A.  Project Manager, Behavioral Testing

Elise Hanzel, Ph.D.

Elise Hanzel, Ph.D. Behavioral Testing

Meghan Miller, Ph.D.

Meghan Miller, Ph.D.Postdoctoral Fellow, Behavioral Testing

Ana-Maria Losif, Ph.D.


Mary Beth Steinfeld, M.D. Behavioral Testing

Other Collaborators


Susan Rivera, Ph.D.

UC Davis Department of Psychology, College of Letters and Science, and Center for Mind and Brain


Ted Hutman, Ph.D. 

UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment

Marian Sigman, Ph.D.  

UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment