Sunday, May 18, 2014

 1:00 PM

Introduction, Research, and Clinical Overview
Tony J. Simon, Ph.D.

 1:15 PM

Feeding Challenges in Children with 22q11.2DS: Infancy and Beyond
Ann Tompkins, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist
Video (Flash)   Slides (PDF) 

 1:35 PM

Nasal Speech Challenges in 22q11.2DS: From Testing to Treatment
Susan J. Goodrich, M.S., Speech Pathologist
Slides (PDF)

 1:55 PM

Medical management and surveillance in 22q11.2DS
Kathy Angkustsiri, M.D., Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician
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 2:15 PM Questions and Answers - BREAK
 2:45 PM Physical Activity to Improve Resilience and Mood
Ingrid Leckliter, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Slides (PDF)
 3:05 PM Thinking and Feeling Interact to Influence Behavior and Mental Health
Tony J. Simon, Ph.D.  Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher
Video (Flash)  Slides (PDF)
 3:25 PM Early Identification and Preventive Treatment for Symptoms of Psychosis
Cameron S. Carter, M.D. Psychiatrist and Researcher
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 3:45 PM Questions and Answers - BREAK
 4:15 PM

Panel: Transition to Adulthood
Margaret Jones, Ph.D. , Educational Psychologist
Ariel Epstein. M.S. and Kelley Heran

 4:40 PM Open Discussion
 5:00 PM Meeting Closes