Kevin Kent Lloyd, DVM, PhD - IDDRC Investigator

Kevin C Kent Lloyd, DVM, Ph.D.

Director, UC Davis Mouse Biology Program, Professor, Department of Surgery, UC Davis School of Medicine
UC Davis Mouse Biology Program
2792 2nd Street, Room 4
Davis, California 95618

Phone: 530-754-6687 / Fax: 530-752-7913

Areas of Interest

Targeted Mutagenesis, Embryonic Stem Cells, Metabolism, Cryopreservation


Dr. Lloyd is a veterinarian and professor of surgery in the School of Medicine at UC Davis.  His research emphasizes the application of mouse biology, genetics, stem cells, and reproductive physiology to address and resolve biological questions.  Dr. Lloyd serves as Director of the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program, in which he oversees the development, manipulation, and study of transgenic and genetically-altered (e.g., knockout) mutant mice.  Many newly derived knockout mice are excellent animal models to address the causes, consequences, prevention, and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders that have important implications for a translational science of IDD, which is the mission of the IDDRC.

Current IDDRC Projects

KOMP Phase II Mouse Phenotyping, NHGRI/NIH, U54 HG006364

Recent Representative Publications

Lee AYF, Evans K, Willis B, Lloyd KCK. Combining sperm plug genotyping and coat color chimerism predicts germline transmission. Transgenic Res 2013;22:1265-1272.

Heidler J, Fysikopoulos A, Wempe F, Seimetz M, Bangsow T, Tomasovic A, Veit F, Scheibe S, Pichl A, Weisel F, Lloyd KCK, Jaksch P, Klepetko W, Weissmann N, von Melchner H. Sestrin-2, a repressor of PDGFRβ signaling, promotes cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary emphysema in mice and is upregulated in patients with COPD. Dis Models Mechan 2013;6:1378-1387.

Adams D, Baldock R, Bhattacharya S, Copp A, Greene N, Justice M, Dickinson M, Mohun T, Murray S,  Raess M, Rossant J, Henkelman M, Weaver T, West D, Bell C, Bertram E, Bradley A, Brown S, Fletcher C, Battey J, Gao X, Herault Y, Hrabe de Angelis M, Lloyd KCK, Marcotte E, McKerlie C, Moore M, Obata Y, Yamada A, Wakana S, Seong JK, Tocchini-Valentini G. Bloomsbury Report on Mouse Embryo Phenotyping: Recommendations from the IMPC Workshop on Embryonic Lethal Screening. Dis Models Mechan 2013;6:571-579.

Takeo T, Fukumoto K, Kondo T, Haruguchi Y, Takeshita Y, Nakamuta Y, Tsuchiyama S, Yoshimoto H, Shimizu N, Li M-W, Kinchen K, Vallelunga J, Lloyd KCK, Nakagata N. Investigations of motility and fertilization potential in thawed cryopreserved mouse sperm from cold-stored epididymides. Cryobiology 2013 (accepted for publication).

Ramsey JJ, Tran D, Giorgio M, Griffey SM, Koehne A, Laing ST, Taylor SL, Kim K, Cortopassi GA, Lloyd KCK, Hagopian K, Tomilov AA, Pelicci PG, McDonald RB. The Influence of Shc proteins on life span in mice. J Geront Bio Sci 2013 (accepted for publication).

Li M-W, Vallelunga JM, Kinchen KL, Rink KL, Zarrabi J, Shamamian A, Lloyd KCK. IVF Recovery of mutant mouse lines using sperm cryopreserved with MTG in cryovials. CryoLetters 2014 (accepted for publication).