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The Rodent Behavior Core E is fundamental to IDDRC projects seeking to understand the biological mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders, and to pursue translational discovery of therapeutics. Comprehensive behavioral assays relevant to the behavioral symptoms of neurodevelopmental are available, using automated and observer-scored state-of-the art equipment in dedicated testing rooms. Mouse behavioral facilities are located on the Sacramento medical campus; rat behavioral testing facilities are located on the Davis main campus. Five tiers of service are offered: (1) consultation; (2) unsupervised use of equipment; (3) training and supervision in conducting behavioral tests using core equipment, and in data analysis; (4) battery of assays conducted by the core staff; (5) tailored constellations of assays conducted by the core staff. Combinations of 1-5 will be designed to match the needs of each User. 

Standardized and innovative behavioral assays are available in the domains of general health, neurological reflexes, developmental milestones, exploratory activity, motor functions, sensory abilities, learning and memory, social interaction, stereotyped and repetitive behaviors, anxiety-related, depression-related, and schizophrenia-related paradigms.