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UC Davis MIND Institute

UC Davis MIND Institute

Clinical Translational Core

The primary objective of the Clinical Translational Core (CTC) is to support IDDRC investigators by enhancing recruitment, diagnostic assessment, and characterization of a diverse range of research participants. The CTC maintains a participant registry and tracking system to facilitate the inclusion of participants matched to specific study eligibility criteria. The multidisciplinary CTC faculty and staff are available to advise studies on best practices for diagnostic assessment and measure selection, provide training in administration of standardized measures, establish and maintain reliability of administration fidelity, and conduct specialized diagnostic assessments as needed. Access to services and resources are coordinated by Jamie Kissee, CTC Project Manager.  For more information about the Clinical Translational Core, contact Jamie at (916) 703-0299 or

  1. Development of study-specific recruitment plans
  2. Dissemination of study-specific recruitment materials at community outreach and recruitment events
  3. Access to research participant registry utilizing protocol-specific eligibility descriptor searches
  4. Advice on best practices in diagnostic assessment and standardized measure selection. Training in administration of diagnostic and psychological measures; establishment of initial reliability and maintenance of fidelity over time
  5. Phlebotomy services
  6. Diagnostic and psychological assessments by experienced evaluators


Sally Ozonoff, Ph.D., Core Director

Robin Hansen, M.D., Core Co-Director

Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D., Core Co-Director

Jamie L. Kissee, M.A.  Core Project Manager

Lesley Deprey, Ph.D., Core Psychologist

Dorcas Roa, Ph.D., Core Psychologist

Breanna Winder-Patel, Ph.D., Core Psychologist

Elise Hanzel, Ph.D., Core Psychologist,

Susan Bacalman, L.C.S.W., Core Social Worker

Rhonda Wayne, CPT Tech II, Phlebotomist

Brenda L. Shelton, Participant Registry Specialist and Study Recruitment

Brittani A. Hilscher, Core Project Assistant