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MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences<sup>®</sup>

MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences®

Researcher's log-in

Note: The Researcher's log-in link is currently inactive, and will be available at a later time. Please visit this page at a later date for an update on the progress of the log-in link. If you have questions regarding  the research that is currently being conducted at the MIND Institute or would like to request research-related materials, please contact us at: Thank you. 

Advancing brain research around the world

Welcome to the MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences (BEARS) Program's ® log-in page for scientists, pathologists, and healthcare professionals. The BEARS Tissue Program ® was created to provide qualified researchers worldwide with the necessary brain tissue to enhance their efforts in understanding the cellular and molecular neuropathology of neurodevelopmental disorders.

If you are a scientist, pathologist, or health professional and would like to request a user name and password, please contact us by e-mail: to request one. We appreciate your interest in our mission and look forward to working with you in the near future.