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MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences<sup>®</sup>

MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences®

How to register

Registering to become a brain tissue donor with the MIND Institute Brain Endowment for Autism Research Sciences (BEARS) Program ® is a simple process. Please choose the option that is most convenient for you. 

1) Complete the online BEARS ® brain donor registration form. You can also access this form under register now or donation forms. This is the most preferred option for the BEARS ® staff.

2) Complete the PDF version of the BEARS ® brain donor registration form (PDF). You can directly type in your information in the form fields provided on the PDF document, save, and then e-mail the form to
3) Call us at our 24-hour toll-free number, 855-221-HOPE (4673), to express your interest in becoming a brain tissue donor. A member of our staff will gladly assist you with completing the BEARS ® brain donor registration form (PDF) over the phone.

Anyone can register

Anyone can register to become a brain tissue donor with the MIND Institute BEARS Program ®. Whether you are diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, have a child with autism, or are related to someone that is affected, we encourage you to visit our website to register for yourself and others.

The Everson family at the MIND Institute

The gift of human tissue is a rare and valuable resource on which medical researchers heavily rely in order to understand neurodevelopmental disorders at the cellular and molecular level. With the availability of brain tissue, researchers are able to study the complexity of the brain using a wide range of approaches from cellular development to immunology to genetics.

Your decision to become a brain tissue donor will not only provide invaluable support to the field of brain research, but also hope for millions of individuals worldwide who are affected with various neurodevelopmental disorders.

Brain tissue from both affected and unaffected individuals are equally important and vital for major comparative studies. Thus, if you are unaffected with a neurodevelopmental disorder, your decision to donate brain tissue will also support our researchers in their endeavors to understand the underlying causes of these complex disorders.

We appreciate your interest and involvement with the BEARS Tissue Program ®, and recommend that you inform everyone you know about the vital role that brain tissue can play in the the future of brain research.