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Research resources


All UC Davis School of Medicine students are encouraged to pursue research in any area that interests them.  Research experience during medical school can serve several purposes. It can enhance learning through exposure to the process of generating and testing hypotheses. It can provide insight into data analysis and interpretation. Research experiences put you in contact with clinical investigators and basic scientists who can serve as career advisors and mentors. Finally, a research experience during medical school can open the door to a research career by exposing you to the pleasure of discovering new knowledge and the intellectual challenge of biomedical investigation.
Resources to connect interested medical students to basic, clinical, and translational research, mentors, and funding opportunities include:

Travel Awards: 
Up to $500 to support travel to scientific meeting; max one per student per year, preference given to presenters and students enrolled in MSRF or SPO.  Click here for the application page.

Research Expense Awards: 
Up to $500 per student per year to support research expenses not supported by Mentor; NOT to be used for posters, travel, etc. Click here to download the application.

Research information

Search current UC Davis School of Medicine research contacts by department.
Search current UC Davis Health System inter-disciplinary clinical and translational research 

Current UC Davis School of Medicine research centers and departments,  Please click on individual websites for more information on within these units.


Dr. Saul Schaefer
Director, Medical Student Research
Phone:  (530) 752-0718

Carol Harper
Research and Promotions
Medical Education Building, Clinical Skills Suite
Phone: (916) 734-4117