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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine

Integrated Research Track

The Integrated Research Track is designed for students who want to engage in a structured and mentored research program throughout medical school.  This program provides the student with four or five years of substantial research experience incorporated into the usual curriculum that can help prepare for an academic career.  Two specific paths within the I.R.T. include:
Independent Research Track – Certificate:  for students looking for rigorous training in the core knowledge and skills required to become a clinical researcher.
Independent Research Track – M.A.S.:  for students focused on mastering clinical research methods and pursuing independent research careers.
Both options include several elements:

  • An approved mentored research project within the University or at an allied institution that starts in the first year and is completed the last year of medical school
  • Didactic coursework in research design, methodology, presentation and ethics.
  • Funding through the School of Medicine for research activities between year 1 and 2.
  • Optional competitive funding for a dedicated year of research between clinical years funded by the NIH or the School of Medicine.

Students choosing the Integrated Research Track program have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion (in four years) or a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research (in five years).
For further information, please contact: Saul Schaefer, M.D., Director of Medical Student Research, email: