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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine

Funding opportunities

A number of funding vehicles are available that are particularly encouraged for students interested in more rigorous research training involving significantly greater commitments of time. Some options are:

Medical Student Research Fellowship: 
This program is primarily intended to support rigorous research training involving commitments from 4 weeks of full-time research to one year. Competitive awards are granted annually and are based on the merit of the proposed studies, the potential of the student, and the research record of the mentor. Applications are available online. The maximum support that may be requested is $22,000 per year. For more information, contact Dr. Saul Schaefer, who chairs the faculty Medical Student Research Committee, at (530) 752-0718 or, or Lina Ibarra at (916) 734-4111 or .

The T-32 Pre-Doctoral Clinical Research Training Program provides clinical and translational research training for one year.

Departmental or Specialty-Focused Support Funds: 
A few School of Medicine departments make internal funds available for medical student research in their laboratories. In addition, a number of external medical societies and specialty-specific professional organizations have student grants programs for projects relevant to each society's fields of interest.  Inquire about current availabilities through your mentor or specific department of interest.

Outside Fellowships: 
Major national research organizations, such as the NIH and the Howard Hughes Foundation, offer a variety of competitive fellowship programs throughout the year. The Howard Hughes Medical Fellowship and the HHMI/NIH Research Scholars Program (Cloister) are outstanding opportunities to do funded research at the NIH or other institutions. A full listing of outside funding opportunities is listed here.