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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine


Dual-degree programs

UC Davis offers a variety of dual medical degree programs through coordination with other graduate school divisions. These advanced degrees can couple the M.D. degree to the Ph.D., M.S. and M.A. degree through the Office of Graduate Studies of UC Davis. The M.D. degree can also be combined with an M.P.H. degree through the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Further information on each of these programs can be obtained from the respective Schools. Applications for admission to any graduate education program will be coordinated by the Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, School of Medicine.


The program leading toward an M.D./Ph.D. degree aims to train physicians to meet, respond to, and solve the broad diversity of problems and dilemmas facing current and future health. The field of study for the Ph.D. portion can be completed in any graduate program offered at Davis, extending beyond the traditional biological sciences boundaries. students are strongly encouraged to seek degrees in social sciences and humanities with any faculty of any college or school of the university.

To complete the requirements of both degrees, students usually need seven to eight years. Two competitive fellowships are awarded each year in support of students enrolled in the M.D./Ph.D. Program. Information regarding the Ph.D. programs may be obtained from the Dean of Graduate Studies at UC Davis, the individual Graduate Groups, or the chair of the M.D./Ph.D. Dual Degree Committee, School of Medicine.


The UC Davis School of Medicine has established a Masters of Public Health degree program that students can pursue in conjunction with the M.D. degree. Most typically the M.P.H. portion of this program is taken immediately following completion of the second year or after the third-year clinical clerkships. A directed focus in public health is viewed as a natural extension of the School of Medicine mission in the training of primary care physicians.