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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine

Fancher-Garcia College

The Fancher-Garcia College was founded in 2003 as part of the UC Davis School of Medicine colleges system.  We are very lucky to have both Dr. Fancher and Dr. Garcia as co-directors of this college.  They are extremely interested in providing career guidance to students through individual meetings, job shadowing and mentorship.  Both directors have posted office hours and are available to students to review performance evaluations and discuss any concerns and/or career opportunities.

The college is organized into family units with one College Faculty and four students.  College Faculty are encouraged to meet with students and to take part in providing information and contacts in career areas that students are interested in.

The Fancher-Garcia College Student Council began meeting in January 2008 and has the responsibility of planning community oriented projects and social gatherings. 

Tonya Fancher, MD ( and Jorge Garcia, MD ( are Co-Directors of the college.