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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine


First year

The goal is to ease the transition to medical school and to help the student develop self awareness.


First-year orientation
Induction ceremony
Honor code presentation
Core values exercise
"What it means to be a doctor" lecture

Career and professional development series I
First Quarter
Session 1
Using the resources available: An introduction to career and professional development (September 2006)
Drs. Owings, Kumari and Bera
  • Introduction to four-year sessions
  • Introduction to the Web site and resources available
  • Distribution of AAMC Career in Medicine passwords
  • Overview of how to us the Advising System (academic advisers, college directors, faculty mentors, etc.)
  • Student Interest Groups
Session 2 Discovering who you are: An introduction to self assessment (November 2006)
facilitator to be identified
  • Introduction of the AAMC CIM tools
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with formal interpretive feedback
  • Explanation of how to use MBTI and other self assessment tools in self assessment.
Second Quarter
Session 3
The role of research in selecting a field within medicine (January 2007)
Drs. Schaffer, Bergland and Bonham
  • Types of projects available to students
  • How do I find a lab
  • Funding opportunities
  • Importance of research within the context of various specialties
  • Finding a mentor
  • Timing
Session 4 What should I do this summer? (February 2007)
Student panel, student affairs and career advising staff
  • UC Davis School of Medicine opportunities
  • What students have done in years past
  • Specific outside programs
  • Creating your own opportunity
Third Quarter
Session 5
Using the college, your faculty mentor and career resources (March 2007)
College directors
  • Reconnect and reinforce the tools that are available to students
  • Making the most of shadowing and mentoring sessions
Session 6 Lessons learned in the first year of medical school (April 2007)
Drs. Owings, Kumari, Bera and college directors (small group format)
  • Self evaluation of your first year
  • Laying the foundation for your second year
  • Formal evaluation and feedback on progress
Session 3 Narrowing your choices (February 2007)
  • General likes and dislikes
  • Identifying a specific career mentor
  • Thinking about letter of recommendations
  • Revisit the tools/assessments accumulated in your tool box to see if there are any clear indicators.
Session 4 Self evaluation of your résumé/CV/application (March 2007)
small group format
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my application/CV?
  • How can I address any weaknesses in the next six months?
Session 5 Finding your Specialty (April 2007)
  • Setting up your fourth year
  • Arranging for externships
  • Away rotations vs. home rotations
  • Residency strategies
Session 6

Choosing a Residency (May 2007)

  • Q&A with various program directors to get their input and opinions

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Second year

Career and professional development series II (Exploring Your Options)

First Quarter
Session 1
Using the second year to prepare for clinical rotations (September 2007)
Third-year IORs
  • Distribution of core clinical skills checklist (in development, as well as place on the Web)
  • Acquiring the skills to succeed on the wards
    • Shadowing opportunities
    • Student-run clinics
    • Doctoring
    • Practice
    • From book knowledge to patient care
  • Making the most of shadowing opportunities
  • Building on clinical strengths and working of clinical challenges
  • Student-run clinics
Session 2 Exploring options: continuing to learn about yourself in the context of specific career options (November 2007)
  • Consider using the Strong Interest Inventory or a similar tool
  • Review the CIM Medical Specialty Preference Indicator
  • Overview of specific specialties
Session 3 Preparing for the USMLE Step I exam (January 2007)
  • How important are the boards?
  • How should I prepare?
  • Student panel on various strategies
  • Available resources
Session 4 Planning your third year (February 2007)
  • The lottery
  • The order of rotations
  • Student panel, questions and answers
Sessions 5 and 6 Introduction to the third year — two-day workshop that introduces students to all aspects of the third year (June 2007)
  • See agenda from 2006 orientation [linked attachment]

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Third year

Career and professional development series III (choosing a specialty)

First Quarter
Session 1
The dean’s letter (the medical student performance evaluation) (September 2007)
College directors
  • Not a letter of recommendation, but a letter of evaluation
  • What is included on it?
  • How is it written?
  • Summative vs.. formative comments
  • What if I disagree with my evaluation?
Session 2 Finding balance in an unbalanced world (November 2006)
  • Finding your way during the third year
  • Maintaining your values, your family and friends and your non-professional life goals in the context of selecting your career path.
  • Review of reference articles on physician satisfaction and medical student satisfaction

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