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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine

Creating a lifelong roadmap

Your career path within medicine has many branching crossroads. You have already addressed some major milestones such as, "Which medical school should I attend?" or even, "Should I become a doctor?"  Now that you are in medical school you will face additional questions: "Should I become involved in research?" "Should I work in the student run clinics?" "What should I do during the summer?" "How do I find the best residency that fits my professional and personal goals?" etc.

Finding the answers to these questions is not always easy. Thus, the School of Medicine has developed a three phase curriculum that is designed to help you navigate this path and answer some of these questions. The three phases include self-directed learning, small group teaching and large group information sessions.

In addition, throughout your medical education, the assistant dean for student affairs and career counseling will meet with you as a small group or individually to make sure that you are progressing appropriately throughout medical school.

Phase I: Self Assessment — Getting to know who you are

The first step in career planning is a formal assessment of certain categories of personal information such as your values, interests, skills, environmental factors, personality, and financial situation.

Phase II: Career Exploration — Finding out what your options are

In this phase, you will begin to learn about those careers that may be of interest to you.

Phase III: The Residency Application Process — Getting into the residency that you desire

In this phase, you will identify the specialty that you will pursue and lay out your application strategy which will culminate on match day.