Program Update, December 18, 2006

In past years, the Health System has had an intramural grant program to help extramurally funded investigators acquire major new pieces of shared research equipment. We continue to recognize the need to assist those investigators whose continued grant competitiveness depends on access to the latest cutting-edge technologies. In order to use Health System resources cost-effectively, and help our investigators access transformative, rather than incrementally beneficial technologies, we have decided to shift the mechanism of support from an intramural grants process to one that provides matching funds for extramural shared instrumentation grant proposals.

Multiple extramural programs may offer major equipment funding for biomedical research and meet our match criteria. Perhaps the most significant of these is the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant Program (S10) through the National Center for Research Resources. This program annually provides between $100,000 to $500,000 to purchase or upgrade commercially available instruments needed by groups of NIH-funded investigators. A program announcement (PAR-07-105) was recently released (see, which has a submission deadline of March 21, 2007. NCRR expects to commit approximately $43 million in FY 2008 to fund approximately 125 new awards. Leveraging opportunities such as this can greatly expand the ability of our available resources to enhance our research programs.

Although UC Davis can submit multiple S10 applications, we are prohibited from submitting duplicative requests for the same type of instrumentation. Consequently, the UC Davis Office of Research is following its protocol for Limited Submission applications to screen for, and rank, potentially duplicative submissions. This process involves submitting a pre-proposal to that office by January 17, 2007. Pre-proposals consist of a completed cover page form, a two-page project description, a one-page budget and CV's for the PI and all Co-PI's. More information is available at the UC Davis Office of Research Limited Submissions Information Page at

Recipients of previous years' Dean's Office Shared Equipment Grant funds may still request support for renewal of their maintenance contracts, provided there is a commitment for 50 percent of those costs to be matched from departmental, program or other user's sources. Those individuals will be separately contacted with instructions for submitting those requests.


For questions or clarifications, please contact Cheryl Duncan, in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research, 916-703-9146 or