Laser capture microdissection allows researchers to isolate specific cells of interest from cells or tissues of a given organism. RNA, DNA, and proteins can be isolated from the captured cells for use in a wide range of downstream assays such as gene expression, Real-time PCR, LOH (loss of heterozygosity) studies, Western blotting, and 2D gel analysis.

The Core Facility has recently acquired an Arctutus XT laser microdissection system. This sytem uses a solid state IR laser to activate transfer film on a cap placed on a tissue sample, melting the adhesive, and fusing the film with the cells of interest. A solid state UV cutting laser cuts out the area of interest which is then lifted away, leaving unwanted material behind. Biomolecules can then be extracted from the isolated cells using commercially available kits.

The HMSBC staff provides training on LCM equipment use and processing of samples. Interested users can contact Matt Rolston at 530-754-7850 or for more information.