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Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Next Generation Sequencing Services and Pricing

The HMSB Core provides researchers with an easily accessible, one-stop cost-effective resource for conducting high throughput 16S, 18S, metagenomic and transcriptomic (RNAseq) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) studies.  The Core offers complete start-to-finish NGS workflow services, from library construction through analysis of sequence data, eliminating the current need to submit samples and data to separate facilities. The new NGS analytical services utilize a novel suite of open source software platforms developed by the HMSB Core Co-Director, Jonathan Eisen, Ph.D. 


16S Analysis and Support
Effective microbiome study requires tight coupling of molecular work with appropriate statistical analysis and experimental design. The HMSB Core staff has extensive experience in experimental design and data analysis of both 16S-based microbial diversity surveys and metagenomic data.

The HMSB Core Associate Director, Dr. Jonathan Eisen, has developed an open source phylogenetic analysis software package called Phylosift (http://github.com/gjospin/PhyloSift).  PhyloSift focuses on resolving the genetic structure of microbial communities at fine-scale (subspecies) resolution. Previous efforts in this area have either not employed phylogenetic approaches, or have not been able to achieve resolution below the genus level (>98% DNA sequence identity). The analytic approach taken by PhyloSift can be applied to bacteria, archaea, viruses, and eukarya.



Library Construction
Construction of 16s DNA library for Illumina sequencing (up to 8 barcodes*) - $350
Construction of genomic DNA library for Illumina sequencing (up to 8 barcodes*) - $800
Construction of library for RNAseq analysis (up to 8 barcodes*) - $600

* add $100 for each additional set (up to 8 barcodes/set) of libraries

Data Analysis
Analysis of DNA and RNA sequence data - $72/hour