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Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Affymetrix GeneChip Analysis System


For standard RNA labeling investigators are required to submit 100-500 nanograms of high quality total RNA with 260/280 readings from a spectrophotometer and gel images of each sample submitted. Users must also provide the appropriate Affymetrix GeneChips.

For hybridizations only, investigators are required to provide 15 ug of high quality, labeled, and fragmented cRNA and the appropriate Affymetrix GeneChips. We also require gel images of each sample submitted, showing the initial RNA extraction and both the unfragmented and fragmented cRNA preps. Copies of the sample preparation protocols are available from the Affymetrix website.

Hybridization/Scan of Affymetrix GeneChip - $85/sample
Hybridization/Scan of Affymetrix GeneChip + Test Chip  - $110/sample
Labeling of RNA with 3' IVT Express Kit + Hybridization/Scan - $375/sample
One-Cycle RNA labeling + Hybridization/Scan - $375/sample
Two-Cycle RNA labeling + Hybridization/Scan - $575/sample
GeneChip Scan only - $25/chip
Pricing shown is for affiliates of the University of California. Please contact us directly for non-university rates and services.